Wharton Preview: “Business and Technology Strategy Changes in the ‘Age of Social Networks'”


This year is the twentieth anniversary of the Executive Masters in Technology Management Program and the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. I know several respected colleagues from Lockheed Martin who are graduates of this fine program.

Social Media creates a new set of business and technology challenges (and opportunities) for executive managers. Last month, Dwight L. Jaggard (Director of the EMTM Program) and Steve Ennen (Managing Director of the Wharton Interactive Media Initiative) stated this with great clarity in the Spring 2009 EMTM Newsletter:

The notion of social networks, a construct of modern sociology theory, has been put on steroids by its integration with web-based technologies. The shape, openness and power of social networks are being harnessed by community organizers, corporations (for both internal and external benefits), political parties and others. Join us for this fascinating event and gain some new insights about how leadership drives the influence of social networks and to appreciate their business applications.

I am honored by Steve’s invitation to participate in a panel discussion on How Technology Drives New Business Strategy in the Age of Social Networks. Some of the topics I hope to inject into our dialogue can be found here on SlideShare.

I look forward to a great interaction with Steve, the other panelists and the EMTM Program faculty, students and alumni!

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