Creating dashboards to manage your program portfolio: An introduction

At this time of the year, most of you are doing two things

  1. Wrapping up and measuring the success of your 2009 projects and programs
  2. Finalizing your budget and planned projects and programs for 2010

As such, this makes now an ideal time to re-examine your existing Program Dashboard to see how you can make it more effective for use next year.

In the past, I have implemented four different program dashboards for use across four different industries: national security, Internet, social media and biotech industries.

However, recently I was fortunate enough to participate in ACT-IAC‘s IT Dashboard Project responsible for recommending improvements for the US IT Dashboard to US Federal CIO Vivek Kundra. This enabled me to learn how over a dozen experts across a variety of businesses are building and using dashboard to successfully manage their portfolios. It also led me to think about how I would help others build successful Program Dashboards for their enterprises. I have boiled this down to four topics:

  1. Identifying The Stakeholders (i.e., Customers) of Your Dashboard
  2. Defining Metrics that Increase the Chances of Success
  3. Mapping Your Portfolio Correctly to Your Dashboard
  4. Critical Success Factors to Using Your Dashboard to Drive Success
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