Five Reasons to Choose Oulixeus

1. Partners and Principals only

owl-medalion2-128pxAll of our consultants (and all of our network partners) are Partners or Principals. Everyone you will work with your engagement will be a senior professional with a minimum of 20 years of work experience. This allows our consultants to present analyses and recommendations using full information gained first-hand during interviews and team collaboration.

2. Life-long implementers

All our services and capabilities are based on first-hand experience as full-time implementation and organization leaders for Fortune-200 market leaders and Early Stage companies across a wide-range of industries, public and private.

Many times we have been in very positions our clients now occupy, fully accountable for the long-term outcomes of strategic change, new products and technologies and large-scale program implementations.

3. T-Shaped Versitalists

All of our consultants are multi-disciplined versitalists (a.k.a. systems thinkers, enterprise knowledge workers, T-shaped professionals) who have learned that the biggest, most lasting accomplishments almost always require a mixture of strategic planning, use of innovation, programmatic organization and managed change. This allows us to apply holistic planning in all that we do, in less time and at lower cost to our clients.

4. No Hammers

“It is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.”

– Abraham Maslow

We know from personal experience that every challenge has unique attributes. We don’t prescribe defined service packages or set methodologies as straight as doing this often creates undesired long-term and second-order consequences. Instead, we will work with you to tailor solutions to your needs and business environment.

5. We work—and live—globally

All of our Partners and Principals have each managed teams, operations and programs across over a dozen countries. We have all worked full-time in the US and abroad as expatriates. We think global (markets, politics, culture, currencies, i18N, L10n, time zones, regulations, etc.) is all of our work.

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