The Oulixeus Blogs

oulixeus-logo-newOulixeus (“Odysseus” in the form of Greek spoken in Asia Minor) was perhaps the first global problem solver and consultant. Like Oulixeus, we bring to problem solving what we have learned from experiences across many industries, organization types, cultures and geographies. We regularly share many of the lessons we have learned in our five blogs:

  • The Art of Social Media. Social media is not just a technology. Nor is it simply a new communications channel. The Art of Social Media explores how to combine strategy, technology, communications and operations to use social media to create measurable value. Blog. RSS.
  • Mobile, Clouds & More. Thanks to Moore’s Law computing potential doubles every two years. Mobile, Clouds & More explores the latest trends and challenges in computing platforms and application architectures to help you stay ahead of the curve. Blog. RSS.
  • Real-World Strategy. Field Marshall Helmuth von Moltke the Elder stated, “No plan has ever survived contact with the enemy.” Real-World Strategy explores strategies that WILL survive contact with the unexpected developments of the real world. Blog. RSS.
  • All Things Agile. Agile spans much more than software development. All Things Agile brings together lessons from agile project management, active risk management, agile software development, DevOps, and continuous delivery. Blog. RSS.
  • Metamorphoses. “Change is the only constant.” Metamorphoses explores leadership, organizational development and communications techniques to effectively plan and manage change to meet the demands of an ever-changing world. Blog. RSS.

We encourage you to explore our blogs, add your comments and contact us if you have any questions.