Business Process Optimization

Traditional “Business Process Re-engineering” (BPR) conjures up images of teams of analysts spending lots of time (and money) interviewing your teams and drawing large “As-Is” Visio diagrams that simply depict facts that everyone already knows. Starting with a focus on the present state can not only eat up 25%-50% of your time and budget; it also frequently drives incremental outcomes such as, “We’ll move this step here and do these two in parallel.” That is why we take an entirely different approach.

Drawing from our work in Business Transformation and Enterprise Architecture, our Business Process Optimization methodology focuses on the goals you wish to achieve. This is not simply skipping the “As-Is” step. Instead, it combines the best strengths of several methodologies to design, pilot, refine and roll out goal-driven, efficient processes:

  • The Business Motivational Model (BMM)
  • Lean (Lean Startup, Lean Services, and Lean Manufacturing)
  • Kanban
  • The Ration Unified Process (RUP) / Unified Process (UP)

Our team has used this approach for nearly a decade drive step-function performance increases, such as: 80-90% reductions in cycle time and cost, turning unprofitable processes into ones with high gross-margins, and 100-200% increases in team output. We have applied this in a variety or organizations: from 150-person single-line-of-business companies to Fortune-200 market leaders.

We would be happy to use to help you optimize your processes, across your organization for Operational Excellence or for individual departments. We can also train your staff in its use, creating your own internal business process optimization experts.

We map these goals to teams and processes, agree to value chain driven hand-offs and outcomes for each process, identify problems to o then design the processes

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