Business Transformation Programs

Business Transformation programs are powerful tools to drive step-function increases in performance and an excellence way the combine the benefits of business process optimization and new technology adoption. However, managing change of this degree can be complicated. Frequently, top-level strategic drivers for transformation can get lost in the details at the ground level of execution. Just as often, the drive to complete transformation programs on time and budget can lead to “short cuts” that only deliver “cosmetic” changes—instead of ingraining new ways of working into the DNA of management and staff.

Intrapreneurial-WorldTo avoid these problems, we have developed a proprietary Business Transformation Program Model that pushes ownership of transformation down all levels of your enterprise to the individual knowledge worker. Based on best practices from Business Incubators, Agile, Enterprise Risk Management, Enterprise Architecture—and even the US Military—this decentralized model taps the expertise of the natural innovators (“intrapreneurs”) that Harvard Business Review has found to exist in every organization. It empowers these innovators to translate top-level strategic goals into new ways of working and pairs them with the support resources they need to bring their new ideas to fruition. The result is alignment of top-down goals with bottom-up change. A fringe benefit is emergency of new innovations from many places across the enterprise.

Our team has used this approach to drive large-IRR improvements in a variety of organizations: from 150-person single-line-of-business enterprises to Fortune-200 market leaders. We have taught scientists, doctors, engineers, graphic artists, sales executives and project managers to become Business Transformation Agents. We would be happy to help you run your business transformation initiatives. We can also combine your business transformation efforts as part of new enterprise implementation programs or help you set up internal incubators to serve as permanent drivers of innovation in your company.

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