Platform and Vendor Selection

Deciding on a new platform (open source or proprietary vendor) has enormous downstream considerations beyond comparison of features and cost. The following basic questions immediately come to mind:

Frameworks and Languages

  • Which provides the best local ecosystem of developers to use it to build what you need?
  • Which strikes the right balance between flexibility and consistency?
  • Will provides the best balance of scalability, performance, development time and ease of support
  • Which has the best libraries/extensions/plug-ins/gems to integrate with the services you need?
  • Which will open (or close) doors to potential customers, partners and acquirers?


  • SQL or NoSQL? Row, Column, Document, or Graph? Which has the best performance for your read/write patterns? Which is easiest to integrate into your applications, data warehouse and frameworks?
  • Do you optimize for OLTP or OLAP? Do you need both? Do you need to process streaming data?
  • Do you self-host, host with an IaaS provider to try DaaS (Database-as-a-Service)?
  • ORM Rapid Development of DBA-driven optimized design?

Enterprise Applications (ERP, CRM, Automation, etc.)

  • Which scales best? Which is most reliable?
  • Which has the best ecosystem from which to hire, pick integrators or outsource?
  • Which handles i18N and L10N best? Will you need a separate system if you expand to Asia?
  • Which hands change control and rollback best? (You’ll know why this important within 30 day of use)
  • What underlying infrastructure are you locked into? Does this present other problems?

We can provide unbiased support across aspects of your platform and vendor selection process, starting with developing and managing RFIs, RFQs and RFPs; assisting you with architecture and scalability assessment for each option; then supporting you systems implementation. Our proprietary FURPS-based Platform/Vendor Assessment Approach will help your critical stakeholders visualize tradeoffs between your options.

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