PMO Development

Every company executes projects on a routine basis. When the size or frequency of projects is small, doing this successfully is relatively straightforward. However, when the size or frequency of projects grows large, the need to balance the resources and attention needed for successful project execution can become much more complicated. This is where PMOs (Program and Project Management Offices) can add significant value.

The most successful PMOs balance centralization and decentralization. They provide the centralized best practice training, escalation management and support to help get projects done—but without creating bottlenecks to approval, resource allocation or execution.

To strike this balance of consistency and flexibility, we have developed a proprietary PMO Model based on best practices from Business Incubators, Agile, Enterprise Risk Management, and even the US Military. It provides best practices training for provide a solid, consistent foundation to anyone in the organization in a project or program manager role in the following disciplines:

  • Governance
  • Scope Management
  • Risk Management
  • Estimation and Budgeting
  • Agile Project Management

It also adds approaches for Portfolio Management and Cell-based Governance approach to enable companies to get clear and consistent insight into projects across the enterprise (and manage escalations and contentions in a scalable manner). Finally, it enables clients to create a Center of Excellence of trained and certified Project Management “Special Operators” who can take on leadership of the most important large, complex and cross-functional project and programs.

Our team has used this model to create PMOs for a variety of organizations: from 150-person single-line-of-business enterprises to Fortune-200 market leaders. We have used it to manage projects ranging from $10K to $100-million in size and portfolios with total annual budgets ranging from $3 million to $600 million dollars.

We would be happy to help you create new PMOs, enhance existing ones or optimize PMO disciplines, toolsets, templates and Service Level Agreements to your specific needs. We can also serve as interim leaders for newly forming PMOs

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