Breakthrough Product Management

Creating breakthrough products requires more than just a good idea. It requires disciplined iteration across the entire life cycle.

canvasMarket Assessment and Validated Learning

What is your value proposition? What is the fastest way to validate this with potential customers? What is its potential market size? How can you validate this before presenting to investors (internal or external)? How can you accurately estimate your costs for development, market, distribute and support something you have never down before? How can you do this if you do not yet have the engineering team (or development partners)?

Our team has been answering these questions for companies for nearly 20 years. Not only do we use models like the Lean Startup approach (MVPs and Validated Learning) but we can show you how models borrowed from Six Sigma and Enterprise Risk management can help you answer these questions with much better accuracy.

Product Development and Testing

What methodology will let you best translate your ideas into a working product as rapidly as possible? The answer is not always obvious as some methodologies that work great for one type of product will create significant problems for others.

Should you develop your product internally or diversify risk (and increase customer buy-in) through co-development? What is the best model for product testing? Internal Alpha Distribution? Private Beta? Continuous A/B Testing? What technologies and processes do you need to put in place to facilitate seamless continuous delivery and testing? How do you triage and prioritize bugs and issues to increase quality as efficiently as possible?

Our team has been solving these issues—for large companies, incubators and startups—for two decades. We combine tried and true method like UP and Six Sigma with the latest approaches for Continuous Integration and Delivery, A/B Testing and Beta Testing.

Pricing and Distribution

How do you price something that is brand new (and does not yet have a proxy in the marketplace)? Which of the 10+ pricing models best fits your product and customer value proposition? How can you use co-development to establish a benchmark for your price (instead of a reason to give your product to someone for free)?

Should you build your own distribution teams and channels (e.g., Sales and Marketing), use partners, or both? (And how do you determine which is best not only for your current size but how your marketplace works?) Is it possible to use new PaaS models (e.g., App Stores such as Apple and Google and Machine Image Stores such as AWS and OpenStack) to eliminate the need to create large capital and staff investments in distribution, delivery and support?

We been also been solving these issues since the early 1990s, taking advantage of new pricing and distribution models to create breakthrough offerings (such as using PaaS channels to disrupt market leader prices by 90% without sacrificing profitability). We have done this repeatedly in the B2B, B2C and B2B2C space, enabling our customers to win over a dozen top industry awards in the past decade. We would be happy to combine our expertise in strategy, technology, engineering, and delivery to help you create breakthrough products as well.

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