Systems Engineering

“The course that really sucked me in was ‘Systems Engineering’ where we learned about large scale systems, how to think about them, build them, and operate them. We learned about the interdependencies between the components in the system and how they could change as the system grew and scale.”

Fred Wilson, VC and Principal  – Union Square Ventures
Tech Ops as a Metaphor for Building, Running and Leading a Company

The original nexus of people, process and technology, Systems Engineering pulls together many disciplines to plan, design, build and manage big platforms and programs:

  • Program Management, Planning and Estimation
  • Project and Risk Management
  • Reliability, Optimization and Performance Engineering
  • Systems Quality and Safety
  • Process and Workflow Engineering
  • Lifecycle Management

Systems Engineering breaks down large goals, problems and initiatives into management modules, reducing risk and complexity, increasing predictability, and making it possible to achieve really big goals. (This is likely why Fred Wilson, the man who backed many leading ventures, used it as metaphor for building great companies and operations).

Our team has been using Systems Engineering for over 20 years to tackle large challenges across many industries: building new Big Data and Complex Event Processing systems for tens of millions of customers, speeding drug development, designing spacecraft, streamlining enterprise sales delivery and more. We learned to do this from the best: not just the program manager and lead systems engineer of the Apollo Program but also entrepreneurs and architects at the world’s number one defense, biotech and Internet companies.

We would be happy to bring this capability to your organization to help you: execute large-scale programs; build high-scale, high-performance systems; speed development; optimize alignment of process and technology, improve operations and plan for risk, disasters and other scenarios. We can provide this holistic service with any one of our consultants; we do not need to drop a whole team into your company to do this.

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