Systems Quality & Performance Engineering

Would you like your systems to be faster? Would you like to reduce unplanned downtime? Do you wish you had fewer bugs? Would you like to figure out which changes will reduce Service Desk ticket volumes (or increase user satisfaction and conversion) the most?

Our Systems Quality process enables you to tackle these challenges incrementally, focusing most attention at any given time to the areas that are most important to your business. Used at Fortune-50 market leaders and startups alike for 15 years, it combines best practices from several continuous improvement and quality management frameworks (Six Sigma DMAIC, Kaizen, COPIS, 8D, 5 Whys) into a lightweight team framework that you can manage in tools as simple as Excel, SharePoint and Atlassian.


We would be happy to show you how quickly you can improve performance, reliability, TCO, quality and UX in just a few weeks using our Systems Quality approach. We can also help you integrate this into how you work across teams, increasing communication and resolving cross-team issues faster and more effectively.

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