eCommerce (and mCommerce)

New Models

As the Internet has advanced from dial-up to broadband to smartphones and tablets, the variation of eCommerce (and now mCommerce) models has exploded:

Direct Inventory Purchase Curated Marketplaces Sharing Economy Marketplaces
Auctions Dutch Auctions Flash Sales
Freemium Upgrades Open Source Training Gamification & Contests
Monetized UGC Monetized Data Virtual Currencies & Credits
New Platforms

square_signinghandsThe number of platforms and providers available to companies has expanded at almost and equally fast rate. More importantly, many of these have changed the game in terms of how products listed, paid for and distributed. Pop-up store fronts can now operate without cash registers (using only a 3G smartphone connection). Businesses can setup escrow accounts between parties, on-demand, without even touching a bank account or credit card number. Not only can developers now sell software to millions of consumers without any marketing, distribution or payments channels but now even savvy enterprise software providers can sell full-configured virtual SaaS servers in the same manner—without the need to ever even create a customer-facing systems operations team.

We are happy to work with you across the entire eCommerce and mCommerce spectrum: Monetizing new trends, pricing and delivery strategy, platform selection, and eCommerce product and workflow design.

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