Health IT and Electronic Medicine

mHealth, eHealth, Electronic Medical Records, Electronic Health Records, Quantified Self, Integrated Medical Devices, Bioinformatics, eClinical, eSource, Social Media-based Health Surveillance… Developments across Social Media, Cloud Computing, Smartphones, Tablets and the Internet of Things over the last decade have opened the door to dramatic new ways of using technology to enhance health, medical care, insurance, clinical research and more.

Some of these ideas are (currently) more fantastic than realistic. However, many new ideas are now possible due to some significant new developments since 2010:

  • New guidance for industry from the FDA on use of technology (even consumer smartphones and App Stores) for medical diagnosis, health management and clinical research
  • Massive adoption (BYOD) of smartphones and tablets by doctors—not just in the US but all over the world
  • Emergence of fully electronic curricula at leading medical schools in the US, Europe and Asia
  • Acceptance of cloud computing for regulated environments, including use of public clouds by government (FDA, EMA, CDC), biopharmas, hospitals, insurance providers and eHealth startups
  • Explosion of Internet-connect medical devices—for the clinic and even for in-home use
  • Use of social media for everything from health guidance to detection of outbreaks and adverse events

Our team has nearly two decades of combined experiences working in biopharma, contract research organizations, eClinical and insurance technology providers, and (major metropolitan and research) hospitals. We have implemented electronic medical systems, pioneered use of consumer mobile technology for medical research, piloted consumer-centric software design to simplify technology for doctors and nurses, enabled real-time visualization of medical and device data from a continent away, and used social media to reduce health care costs.


Our team members have presented on the results of our work at FDA Type C meetings, panel discussions at the US Congress and speaking engagements at major conferences. We would be happy to help your organization exploit these exciting new regulatory and technology developments to advance your work.

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