Mobile, Tablets, Devices and BYOD

People have adopted mobile faster than another other technology since the dawn of the 20th Century.* However, mobile itself is changing quickly: Android is now the most widely used Operating System on the planet; Apple sold the first million iPads in half the time it took to sell the first million iPhones; the demand by workers to use iOS and Android devices in the workplace (BYOD, Consumerization of IT) drove BlackBerry to single-digit market share; there are now over 12 Billion mobile connected devices.

However the rise of mobile is more than a hardware story. Product teams are debating whether or not go mobile first, mobile-only and whether to go native mobile or mobile web. App Stores are disrupting software distribution models. BYOD is changing the fundamental contract between IT and non-IT staff.

Our team has been working in mobile since the mid-1990s (back when mobile was called “portable”). We have—

  • Built proprietary mobile devices (and co-developed them with specialist mobile partners)
  • Developed SaaS-based SMS and MMS messaging platforms
  • Implemented MDM platforms and BYOD programs for regulated industries
  • Built and released apps in iTunes (normal and enterprise distributions)
  • Architected mobile web solutions (HTML5 SPAs) that emulated native mobile performance

In addition to this implementation work we have done extensive work in mobile planning and strategy (such as helping companies determine whether it is more profitable to treat mobile as a purchased app or as a free add-on to SaaS software and professional services).

We are ready to bring this experience to your disposal to help you with a variety of areas:

Mobile Product Strategy and Development

  • Integration of mobile into your product and platform experience (mobile-based apps and messaging)
  • Use of mobile to create transformational product and service offerings
  • Exploitation of mobile data (and data partnerships) for analytics and targeting
  • Platform and architecture selection (e.g., mobile web vs. native mobile, mobile-first vs. plus-mobile)
  • Technology development approach (development of teams and partners, testing and beta approaches)
  • Mobile product pricing, distribution and support strategies

Mobile in the Enterprise

  • BYOD policy analysis, development and implementation
  • Extending analytics and real-time decision-making (for managers and executives) into mobile
  • Using mobile to drive business process optimization, operational excellence and business transformation
  • Selection and implementation of Mobile Device Management platforms
  • Setting up private level mobile distribution mechanisms (for staff and partners)

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