Jim Haughwout, General Partner

Jim-Haughwout-180pxJim Haughwout (pronounced “how-it”) is one of Oulixeus’ founders and General Partners. He loves all things about using technology to change how people live, work—and play. He has been in the technology sector since 1992, and has hands-on experience implementing a broad range of technology domains:

  • High-scale consumer web and eCommerce (at scales exceeding 400+ million daily business transactions)
  • Large-scale enterprise implementations (Marketing Automation; CRM, Supply Chain, and ERP; eClinical, Health IT and Electronic Medicine; C4ISR and Security; Corporate IT)
  • Big Data (including: schemaless and NoSQL data stores; Storm and Spark Complex Event Processing; the Lambda architecture model)
  • Mobile, Sensors, and the Internet of Things (from handhelds to space-based platforms)
  • Multiple hosting and deployment models (Cloud/SaaS, Private Data Centers, App Stores)

Educated at MIT and Harvard, Haughwout, has led R&D, Architecture, Product, Engineering, Quality Assurance, Professional Services (and PMOs), Operations (including DevOps), and Marketing and Development divisions for both Fortune-200 companies and technology startups. He specializes in combining strategy, new technology and business transformation to create lasting improvement. Haughwout has led eight organizations through times of massive growth (i.e., more than 25-fold growth in less than a year), building five organizations “from scratch” and leading six others through successful turnarounds–each time delivering double-digit improvement in performance and throughput within six months. His teams have won 23 product, platform and technology awards in the last 12 years.

Haughwout is also the Chief Technology Architect at Savi. He writes the Lagrangian Points blog and is a frequent contributor at Technorati, CustomerThink, Social Media Today and Quora. His favorite ways to relax are travel (he only recently finally gave up his old film SLR after bringing it all over the world) and cooking (various attempts to combine the influences of Alton Brown, Tom Colicchio, and Isa Chandra Moskowitz).

 You can learn more about Jim on LinkedIn and his blog.