All Oulixeus consultants are multi-disciplined versitalists (a.k.a. systems thinkers, enterprise knowledge workers, T‑shaped professionals) who have learned that the biggest, most lasting accomplishments almost always require a mixture of strategic planning, use of innovation, programmatic organization and managed change. This allows us to apply holistic planning in all that we do, in less time and at lower cost to our clients.

Click on any item from our portfolio of capabilities and domain expertise to learn more. You can click on any of our portfolio areas (e.g., Strategy) to focus on a specific area of interest:

  • strategy
    Strategic Planning
  • ERM
    Enterprise Risk Management
  • new_tech_strategy
    Exploiting Emerging Technologies
  • gtm-pricing-delivery-strategy
    Products, Pricing & Delivery
  • what-if-scenarios
    Simulations & “What If?” Scenarios
  • agile_dev
    Agile Development
  • devops-ci-cd
    DevOps & Continuous Delivery
  • reliable-scaling
    Reliability Engineering
    Continuity & Recovery Planning
  • 6sigma-word-cloud
    Systems Quality & Performance
  • PMO-development
    PMO Development
  • portfolio_management
    Portfolio Management
  • agile_pm
    Agile Project Management
  • systems-engineering_enterprise-architecture
    Systems Engineering
  • Concept of system integration of two partner
    Systems Integration
  • vendor-platform-selection
    Platform & Vendor Selection
  • business_transformation
    Business Transformation
  • ops_excellence
    Operational Excellence
  • Flow chart
    Business Process Optimization
  • measurement-reinforcement
    Measurement & Reinforcement
  • Shared-services
    Shared Services & Outsourcing
  • incubartor
    Incubators & Virtual Startups
  • mobile
    Mobile | Tablets | BYOD
  • Cloud-XaaS
    Cloud | SaaS | IaaS | PaaS
  • internet-of-things-280x140
    Internet of Things
  • patient information tracking
    Health IT & eClinical
  • on-target
    Recommendation & Targeting
  • data-analytics
    Big Data & Analytics
  • social-media
    Social Media
  • e-commerce
    eCommerce & mCommerce
  • Navigation
    Program Executives & BTOs
  • needle_in_haystack
    SME-based Recruiting
  • Businessmen Passing the Relay Race Baton
    Interim Leadership
  • drop-in-teams
    Drop-in Teams