“Those who cut stones must always envision cathedrals.”

The Pragmatic Programmer
Andrew Hunt and David Thomas

The discipline of engineering is based on ‘balance.’ Not just the classic balance of “time vs. scope vs. budget” but also the balance of agility vs. predictability, leanness vs. long-term scale, and much more. Lifelong implementers, we have managed this balance in many environments: Fortune-500 and startup, mission-critical platforms and MVPs, off-the-shelf enterprise implementations and open source-based new technology development. Explore our software and systems engineering capabilities to learn more.

  • agile_dev
    Agile Development
  • devops-ci-cd
    DevOps & Continuous Delivery
  • reliable-scaling
    Reliability Engineering
    Continuity & Recovery Planning
  • 6sigma-word-cloud
    Systems Quality & Performance
  • systems-engineering_enterprise-architecture
    Systems Engineering
  • Concept of system integration of two partner
    Systems Integration
  • needle_in_haystack
    SME-based Recruiting
  • Businessmen Passing the Relay Race Baton
    Interim Leadership
  • drop-in-teams
    Drop-in Teams

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