#LeanStartup’s Hidden Gem – Built-in Risk Management for Creation

The Lean Startup approach to managing the uncertainty of creation contains hidden gems that seamlessly harness the most powerful risk management techniques helpful to anyone trying to create something new

RIPping up risks to figure out which are largest

It is very easy to get so caught up in analysis paralysis that you never get around to actually responding to your identified risks. Estimating them instead provides a quick, low-cost way to figure out how big each of your risks are relative to each other. Risk estimation is easy when you remember that risk consists of two components: impact and probability—each of which has a simple proxy for quick estimation…


Agile management of large, complex programs using decision-based governance

Based on best practices from RAND and proven with first-hand experience on over $500 million of public and private sector programs, the decision-based government model is an efficient way to implement large, complicated “high change” programs in manner that ensures accountability to all critical stakeholders and creates a culture of ownership and adoption…