Use the Facebook Timeline to Tell Your Brand’s Story

Don’t fight the Facebook Timeline. Use it to connect to others by telling your story in a wholly new way.


Aurasma: Augmented Reality on your iPad, iPhone or Android

Aurasma instantly layers web and multimedia to objects you are viewing with your iPad, iPhone or Android camera


Insurance is NOT the answer for the cloud

Two weeks ago Dr. Alexander Pasik, CIO of IEEE, posited that businesses would be more inclined to use cloud services if service providers carried insurance against data breaches. We could not disagree more.

Using social to bring the ‘sizzling fajita’ to online sales

Chris Brogan recently blogged, that “there’s no sizzling fajita effect online.” That is, online commerce does not provide that visceral experience to causes others around you to buy the same thing on an impulse. Social media can be a proxy for the ‘sizzling fajita’—if used correctly.

Facebook Usernames: Another “nail in the coffin” for using on “plain simple language”

Yesterday morning (12am EDT to be exact), Facebook opened the doors to allowing its members to register and bind easy-to-handle usernames to their accounts (company and organization names are coming soon). This is yet another step along the road that will eventually make it impossible for new organizations to brand themselves using plain simple language…