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If your sheet of music is different from everyone else’s, then you need MDM – Part II

In the last post, we looked into what Master Data mean. Now I will talk about the why it is so important in today’s competitive business landscape.

Ten essential UX factors to create products your customers will LOVE

Creating a great User Experience (UX) is much more than providing a clean, simple User Interface (UI). Those of us who want to build products that are LOVED by our customers need to achieve a great UX in up to TEN areas, not just one.


2020 Challenge: Completely re-invent how we process data (or grow our brains thirty-fold)

Over the next 10 years the amount of data we capture and store will grow to over 2,400 times the total memory capacity of every human brain on Earth. If we don’t want to be overwhelmed by this, we are going to have to re-invent how we process, explore and interact with data.


If your sheet of music is different from everyone else’s, then you need MDM – Part I

Master Data, when maintained in a centralized fashion, can lead to all parts of the business singing from the same sheet of music. This makes managing an enterprise as well as deriving business intelligence out of such data much easier than if different units and systems used different core data.

RE: Can Twitter be saved? (What I would if I worked at Twitter)

Mark Gimein (of Slate’s “The Big Money”) recently posited that Twitter is “collapsing under its own weight” due to the sheer number of Tweets we all have to wade through. I agree. I recommend three steps to the leaders of Twitter to both make the service more useful and create a revenue driving service…

Wharton Wrap-up: “Business and Technology Strategy Changes in the ‘Age of Social Networks'”

Last week, I participated in a panel discussion at the Wharton School on the effects of social networks on technology and business strategy. Here is a wrap-up of what I heard…