Seven must-have attributes for collaboration

“Collaboration” has been used to categorise a wide variety of products. Even with a range of products this broad, I have found seven attributes that separate winning collaboration products from also-rans…

Skype’s ‘fraud’ problem

Skype is a great service. Last month, a consortium of investors bought Skype from eBay so they could run it as an independent business. However, before they can successfully re-commercialize Skype into the industry leader its technology allows, the new owners will first have to overcome a major perception of fraud with the banking industry…


Developing a social media policy for your enterprise? Use bottom-up design principles

In response to the explosion of use of social media over the past 12 months, many leaders are developing formal Social Media Polices to guide their staff in approved use of these tools inside the enterprise. By using bottom-up design principles, leaders can create Social Media Policies that productively encourage creativity—without risking their enterprise’s mission and reputation.

Low-risk, high-value Health 2.0 ideas: An introduction

Healthcare is an incredibly collaborative sector—making it an ideal candidate to realize value through use of social networking. However, it is also one of the most sensitive sectors in terms of its management of information. This does not make use of social networking impossible; it just requires more creativity in how this technology is applied to create value in a regulatory compliant manner. This post begins a series that will outline four ideas for low-risk, high-value Health 2.0 Business Services.

Using Gov 2.0 to meet the Obama administration’s requirements for transparency and open government

On January 27, 2009, President Obama issued his third executive order and memorandum requiring transparency and open government. This can best be achieved not by simple adoption of technology but instead by application of social media strategies to existing modes of public engagement at the state, local and federal levels…

Web 2.0 business service for ERP program implementation

I have seen a lot of activity on Twitter discussing the potential of using social networking to help ERP implementations. Based on personal experience, recent discussions with ERP Program Managers and Work Stream Leads and interviews of those who “lived through” ERP programs I have put together a concept for an Enterprise 2.0 Business Service to aid in ERP program implementation.