Drone Commerce, Part 1: Same-day Delivery

Exploring drone-base delivery from the POV of those who have built things that fly, software that controls them, and large-scale commerce platforms.

It’s time for a Location Data Code of Conduct: Four Needed Policies

Location-based data is the biggest privacy watershed since commercialization of the Internet. It’s time for industry to create a Code of Conduct to manage it.

“PII” also means “Privacy is important”

In the technology industry, “PII” stands for “Personally Identifiable Information.” However, anyone who provides technology to customers should also think of it as standing for “Privacy Is Important.” Two important events this week—one regarding Google and one regarding Facebook—underscored the importance of this and served as reminders of how important protection of privacy is to mainstream adoption of technology…


Developing a social media policy for your enterprise? Use bottom-up design principles

In response to the explosion of use of social media over the past 12 months, many leaders are developing formal Social Media Polices to guide their staff in approved use of these tools inside the enterprise. By using bottom-up design principles, leaders can create Social Media Policies that productively encourage creativity—without risking their enterprise’s mission and reputation.

Health 2.0 Clinical trial mobile alert and reminder service

Over the last year, I sat down with experts from four different health care organizations (across the US and Europe) to come up with ideas for social media business services that would provide immediate value. This is the second service we came up with. It uses mobile social networks to make coordination between Clinical Trial Sponsors, Principal Investors and Subjects more convenient and cost effective for everyone…