Launching “The Connected World” Blog

We have started this blog to help add some clarity to the discussion on thinks like IoT, M2M, the Industrial Internet, AllSeen Alliance, AllJoyn, the rise of sensors on your smartphone and even the use of social media as a societal sensor.

Building apps for tablets? Think “Augmented Reality”

What tablets are doing—in a big way—is providing the first mass-market platform for augmented reality. Those who want to take advantage of this new growing market need to realize this. Those who don’t will miss a whole market shift.

Web 2.0 Communities for Business – Tip #2: Put your finger on the problem

When a new, hot technology appears, it is easy to jump on the bandwagon and focus solely implementing it for your enterprise. However, if you do this you are likely to only do just that, deliver new technology. To use technology to create business value you have start by putting your finger on a problem to solve (then providing all that is needed – technology and otherwise) to solve this problem…

Gartner’s 2009 “Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies”: Reflections and prognostications

The 2009 Gartner Hype Cycle Special Report evaluates the maturity of 1,650 technologies and trends in 79 technology, topic and industry areas. New Hype Cycles this year include cloud computing, data center power and cooling technologies, and mobile device technologies. Here are my Web 1.0 reflections and Web 2.0 prognostications based on this report…