The risk of NOT innovating

We often are asked about the risk of doing something new. However, what is the risk of NOT doing something new? Especially in a world filled with creativity and competition.


Developing a social media policy for your enterprise? Use bottom-up design principles

In response to the explosion of use of social media over the past 12 months, many leaders are developing formal Social Media Polices to guide their staff in approved use of these tools inside the enterprise. By using bottom-up design principles, leaders can create Social Media Policies that productively encourage creativity—without risking their enterprise’s mission and reputation.


Agile management of large, complex programs using decision-based governance

Based on best practices from RAND and proven with first-hand experience on over $500 million of public and private sector programs, the decision-based government model is an efficient way to implement large, complicated “high change” programs in manner that ensures accountability to all critical stakeholders and creates a culture of ownership and adoption…