Why managing a team of 50 can be harder than one of 500

Every organization size has its own range of challenges. What is interesting is that the organization size that is most challenging to manage is not the necessarily largest. Managing mid-sized organizations can often be more challenging.

Giving leaders the keys to drive change

Give these change leaders an opportunity to help other leaders new to the process; they may lend added credibility and trust to what you are trying to do


25 Lessons (in Leadership) from Jack Welch

This afternoon I was Googling to find the exact quote by Jack Welch on being #1 or #2 in the market and found several sites that outlined “25 Lessons from Jack Welch.” They were so inspirational – and so clear – that I felt compelled to share them myself.

Start-ups: Three execution activities that separate successes from “interesting ideas”

The sense of freedom in a start-up (or incubation) environment is incredibly exciting. However, it is very easy to let this freedom lead you down the path of “what if”, distracting you from achieving success. You only have – at most – three years (many would argue two) to go from spending the “first opportunity dollar” to demonstrating commercial success. This leaves little room for distraction.

Three essential skills for technology leadership

Effective technologists implement good technology; effective technology leaders enable others to do this. These are two very different roles. However, most technology leaders usually start their careers as “line level” technologists. Technologists need three essential skills to become effective technology leaders…

Creating to a culture that enables active risk management

Before any organization can begin to actively manage risk, it must first change its culture to one that openly and freely discusses risk at all levels. This is not easy. It requires commitments from management and staff at all levels. However, it will pay off in many ways: higher trust, increased respect and better results…