Wickr Ultra-Secure Mobile Messaging: Imagine the possibilities for #mCommerce #BYOD

What if you could use MMS and SMS for BYOD and mCommerce–with military grade encryption–for free?

Seven must-have attributes for collaboration

“Collaboration” has been used to categorise a wide variety of products. Even with a range of products this broad, I have found seven attributes that separate winning collaboration products from also-rans…

Health 2.0 Clinical trial mobile alert and reminder service

Over the last year, I sat down with experts from four different health care organizations (across the US and Europe) to come up with ideas for social media business services that would provide immediate value. This is the second service we came up with. It uses mobile social networks to make coordination between Clinical Trial Sponsors, Principal Investors and Subjects more convenient and cost effective for everyone…

Gartner’s 2009 “Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies”: Reflections and prognostications

The 2009 Gartner Hype Cycle Special Report evaluates the maturity of 1,650 technologies and trends in 79 technology, topic and industry areas. New Hype Cycles this year include cloud computing, data center power and cooling technologies, and mobile device technologies. Here are my Web 1.0 reflections and Web 2.0 prognostications based on this report…