The Delta Index: A Clearer Measure of Growth

The Delta Index provides a single metric for apples-to-apple comparison of how you are growing (or shrinking) in value created relative to “Big Picture” targets.

Ten critical success factors for using dashboards to manage your program portfolio

Even the greatest Program Dashboard will not help if you do not use it to manage your portfolio more effectively. Here are 10 critical success factors I have learned in the process of using dashboards to drive successful outcomes on over 3,300 projects and programs…

Tip 3 – Map your portfolio dashboard to your business value chain

Setting up metrics to manage and track a small project effectively is easy. Doing this for a large program or portfolio initially looks harder. However, it becomes easy once realize a program is simply a series of aggregated projects all working together to achieve a single objective. Once you do this, creating and using your Dashboard is easy…

Tip 2 – Pick dashboard metrics that drive success

I have heard metrics that indicate that anywhere from 50% to 75% of all projects and programs are late or fail to meet their business objectives. However, I repeatedly see Program Dashboards that indicate that everything is “Green.” They key to avoiding this is picking Dashboard Metrics that create incentives for forward-looking behaviors that will drive success…

Creating dashboards to manage your program portfolio: An introduction

We are at the time of the year when most of us are both measuring the success (or failure) of our 2009 portfolio and finalizing our plans for 2010. A key tool I have used across several industries to manage (business and technological) success is the Program Dashboard. This blog series will share the lessons I have learned doing this over 15 years.