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Insurance is NOT the answer for the cloud

Two weeks ago Dr. Alexander Pasik, CIO of IEEE, posited that businesses would be more inclined to use cloud services if service providers carried insurance against data breaches. We could not disagree more.

Look! Is it an ASP? Is it SaaS? Or is it a Cloud? Two Simple Acid Tests

Countless companies now claim to provide cloud computing-based products. However, at first glance it is easy for ASP- and SaaS-based delivery too look like true cloud computing. How can you tell the difference: with two simple “acid tests.”

What is the ‘Magic Number’ of market leaders in Tech?

Jack Welch used to say, “Be Number 1 or Number 2 (or else get out of the market).” Does this same “Magic Number” apply in the information technology and software world (where innovation is continuous and Moore’s Law applies)?

When should you own or rent your own cloud (vs. simply sharing one with others)?

Many of us use Twitter, a free cloud-based service, to market ourselves and conduct one-to-one business development. Unfortunately, hackers brought Twitter down several times already this month with Denial-of-Service attacks. This begs the question, “when should we invest in obtaining our own clouds—vs. sharing free crowds with others?”…

What is the difference between Simple ASP and True SaaS?

Many intermingle the terms “Application Service Provision (ASP)” and “Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).” However, these can be very different. It is important to confirm what your getting when you buy and ASP-based solution to ensure you avoid surprise costs…