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Cloud Computing: Its not just about access from anywhere

Too many extolling the virtues of cloud computing are ignoring many of its most transformational benefits

The Cloud is Dead! Long Live the Cloud!

The last two months have presented several large “black eyes” for cloud computing. As a result, cloud computing pundits have questioned the readiness of cloud computing for the enterprise. In response, cloud computing advocates have highlighted reliability metrics far better than those of any enterprise. Who is right and who is wrong in this argument? They both are.

SaaS’ next pricing challenge, balancing easy budgeting with flexibility: Four models

Businesses and consumers love the flexibility of SaaS. However, this flexibility brings a “dark” side: less predictability – and ultimately – less control. Four SaaS pricing models address this challenge, in different ways – and for very different markets.

Start-ups: Three execution activities that separate successes from “interesting ideas”

The sense of freedom in a start-up (or incubation) environment is incredibly exciting. However, it is very easy to let this freedom lead you down the path of “what if”, distracting you from achieving success. You only have – at most – three years (many would argue two) to go from spending the “first opportunity dollar” to demonstrating commercial success. This leaves little room for distraction.

Skype’s ‘fraud’ problem

Skype is a great service. Last month, a consortium of investors bought Skype from eBay so they could run it as an independent business. However, before they can successfully re-commercialize Skype into the industry leader its technology allows, the new owners will first have to overcome a major perception of fraud with the banking industry…

Tip 2 – Pick dashboard metrics that drive success

I have heard metrics that indicate that anywhere from 50% to 75% of all projects and programs are late or fail to meet their business objectives. However, I repeatedly see Program Dashboards that indicate that everything is “Green.” They key to avoiding this is picking Dashboard Metrics that create incentives for forward-looking behaviors that will drive success…