Six Sigma


7-Step Program to Respond to a Rollout Like the ACA Website

We thought we would take a step back and look at what you should do if you are ever faced with a big consumer web/eCommerce rollout that is ridden with bugs and problems. The result was this 7-step Program.


Prioritizing risk response using the Pareto Principle

When using Active Risk Management (ARM) it is very easy to spend TOO much time and attention managing risks. By using the Pareto Principle to prioritize how you response to identified risks, you can assure your risk management efforts yield more benefit than they cost—in a simple, easy-to-understand manner…

Tip 2 – Pick dashboard metrics that drive success

I have heard metrics that indicate that anywhere from 50% to 75% of all projects and programs are late or fail to meet their business objectives. However, I repeatedly see Program Dashboards that indicate that everything is “Green.” They key to avoiding this is picking Dashboard Metrics that create incentives for forward-looking behaviors that will drive success…