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Want To Know What The Next Generation of Apps Will Be Like? Talk to Siri

Siri, the “secret weapon” of the iPhone 4S, builds on advances started with the iPhone and expanded with the iPad, finally opening the door to enabling us to eliminate the 19th century keyboard from everything we do.

Ten essential UX factors to create products your customers will LOVE

Creating a great User Experience (UX) is much more than providing a clean, simple User Interface (UI). Those of us who want to build products that are LOVED by our customers need to achieve a great UX in up to TEN areas, not just one.

The best architecture document in history

In 2000, AOL’s Chief Technology Officer held an offsite for all of the Chief Architects from AOL, Netscape, CompuServe, ICQ and MapQuest (this was before the closure of the merger with Time Warner. After he posed a question to all of us, “What do you think was the best architecture document in history?”…

What it takes to successfully implement enterprise COTS apps

The launch of the enterprise application market was a great step forward for software. It significantly reduces the risk of using software to enhance enterprise operations and provided much-needed standardization that allowed CIOs and CTOs to acquire knowledgeable staff and adopt best practices. However, it takes a careful approach — and a lot of work — to achieve the desired internal rate of return (IRR) on these programs.