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It’s time for a Location Data Code of Conduct: Four Needed Policies

Location-based data is the biggest privacy watershed since commercialization of the Internet. It’s time for industry to create a Code of Conduct to manage it.

The simple feature needed to take location-based services mainstream

Location-based services offer amazing future possibilities. However, right now only early adopters are its primary users. Why? Because many mainstream consumers do not trust them. However, that addition of one simple feature to smart phones can change all of this.

BYOT: Treat your employees like consumers

There are two kinds of technology in the world: tech that you choose to use and tech you are forced to use. Consumer tech is now sufficiently advanced and easy-to-integrate that it is time to let employees choose and bring their own tech to work for everyday use.

Could GeoCities have become Facebook?

Many argue that GeoCities was the first social network—and could have come Facebook if Yahoo! had not bought it in 1999. This is not true. Geocities could not have become Facebook because two critical ways as to how society views the Internet were not yet in place.

Will Christmas be a peak or a valley for social media?

Back in the “Days of Dial-up,” thanks to great affiliate marketing, Christmas Day used to be the number one registration day for Internet (Web 1.0) leaders like AOL. What will Christmas hold this year for Social Media (and Web 2.0) leaders like Facebook and Twitter? Will the results be good–or will they indicate it is time for new affiliate marketing programs?…


Developing a social media policy for your enterprise? Use bottom-up design principles

In response to the explosion of use of social media over the past 12 months, many leaders are developing formal Social Media Polices to guide their staff in approved use of these tools inside the enterprise. By using bottom-up design principles, leaders can create Social Media Policies that productively encourage creativity—without risking their enterprise’s mission and reputation.