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Why Groupon is worth 100x more than MySpace

MySpace, one of the original big social media players, is on the sales block for $50-$200 million. Groupon, founded years later, is now preparing a $15-BILLION IPO. What did Groupon do so differently to create 100x more value using social media?

Nine software pricing models evaluated

Pricing software has always been an interesting exercise. The marginal cost to copy and provide software is virtually zero. However, the cost to develop it—and the value of the intellectual property that goes into its creation—is far greater. These two tensions have created a range of models that vendors use to price software. This post evaluates several of these, highlighting ideal (and non-ideal) markets for each.

Tip 3 – Map your portfolio dashboard to your business value chain

Setting up metrics to manage and track a small project effectively is easy. Doing this for a large program or portfolio initially looks harder. However, it becomes easy once realize a program is simply a series of aggregated projects all working together to achieve a single objective. Once you do this, creating and using your Dashboard is easy…

Health 2.0 Clinical trial mobile alert and reminder service

Over the last year, I sat down with experts from four different health care organizations (across the US and Europe) to come up with ideas for social media business services that would provide immediate value. This is the second service we came up with. It uses mobile social networks to make coordination between Clinical Trial Sponsors, Principal Investors and Subjects more convenient and cost effective for everyone…